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setembro 29, 2009


Filed under: SUMMER DANCE MEGAMIX 2009 — seriestvmp3 @ 12:48 pm

(01) [alex megane] stars
(02) [de-gress] bleeding love
(03) [paffendorf] bring it back
(04) [mike nero] x-files 2009
(05) [the hitmen] here today & gone tomorrow
(06) [mario lopez] another world
(07) [tim core] don ‘t be shy
(08) [ralph fridge vs restricted area] man on mars
(09) [brooklyn bounce vs sample rippers] louder & prouder
(10) [carefree] broken strings
(11) [andrÉ picar] you’ll remember me
(12) [hypertype] rock the show
(13) [commercial club crew] toy soldiers
(14) [kindervater] alone in the darkness
(15) [house rockerz] guardian angel
(16) [georgous x feat. julia falke] wonderful life
(17) [bangbros] bang of amerika
(18) [jens o] i bet you don’t
(19) [the real booty babes] poker face
(20) [lucardo parena feat. antonia lucas] let it be me
(21) [bodybangers] sunshin day
(22) [arvid lundberg] reality
(23) [moire] bye bye
(24) [7th heaven feat. banderas] this is your life
(25) [stfu] something for your mind
(26) [david amani feat. john davis] beautiful day
(27) [spencer & hill] young love
(28) [wolgang gartner] push & rise
(29) [moguai] beatbox
(30) [lambda] hold on tight
(31) [sidney samson] riverside
(32) [chico del mar & dj base] carribean queen
(33) [dennis christopher] set it off
(34) [steve angello & laidback luke feat. robin s.] show me love
(35) [cuba club] in my eyes
(36) [dabruck & klein] open up your arms
(37) [jody wisternoff] starstrings
(38) [paul attrax] like a bitch
(39) [sunset street] this crime
(40) [remady] need 2 say
(41) [selda] use your head
(42) [markus meier] global tune
(43) [big world vs denis the menace feat. corey andrews] liftin’ me up
(44) [sebastian ingrosso] laktos
(45) [lazy jay] float my boat
(46) [ben bailey vs frank drebin] keep on
(47) [alex m.] passion (nasty rhythm)
(48) [mack] the return of the mack 2009
(49) [whizzkids] rumours (digi digi)
(50) [tiko’s groove feat. mendoca do rio] para sambar
(51) [syke’n’sugarstarr feat. bonny ferrer] toda a minha vida
(52) [sono] keep control plus
(53) [kurd maverick] blue monday
(54) [arno cost] cyan
(55) [club 31 feat. jeremy carr] your touch
(56) [in-tune] i want your sax!
(57) [peter gelderblom] lost
(58) [ron caroll] bump to this
(59) [santito] can’t take my hands off you
(60) [sonic palms] on the beach
(61) [cassey] sweet honey
(62) [finger & kadel] mana mana
(63) [bryce] rock on
(64) [axwell – sebastian ingrosso – steve angello – laidback luke] leave the world behind
(65) [david may feat. moleses modesto] superstar
(66) [dennis de laat] every breath
(67) [lissat & voltax] release yourself
(68) [norman doray & tristan garner feat. erol reid] last forever
(69) [dj antoine vs mad mark] who the fxxk
(70) [arnold palmer] tripping
(71) [discofamily] it just won’t do
(72) [shaun baker feat. maloy] hey hi hello
(73) [jaybee & lovehouse] music
(74) [rockstroh] licht
(75) [novaspace] time after time rebirth
(76) [manuel varela] calling your name
(77) [clokx] clokx
(78) [4 strings] take me away
(79) [triple bounce] talk to me
(80) [dany wild vs dj skilmaster] holding on
(81) [icon] right now
(82) [manuel varela] goodbye my love
(83) [jan wayne] wherever you will go
(84) [megara vs dj lee] give it to me
(85) [andy stroke meets tale & dutch] funk
(86) [missy stylez] bleeding love
(87) [recover project] sweet dreams
(88) [tracore] alive!
(89) [d&s] pussy on the floor
(90) [89ers] human nations
(91) [buzzy] we are alive
(92) [camisra] let me show you
(93) [tim weise] overdrive
(94) [o-seven] mary’s prayer

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